She watches him half pry, half lift the archer to his feet, then slide his arm around the man’s waist to gently support him and guide him down the hall to the small room they use as a bathing chamber. She is abruptly and uncomfortably aware that it’s been weeks since he has so much as touched her hand. 

Oh look, I made myself sad.

I would just like to say that notbecauseofvictories has the best meme tag ever.

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you also what when why how look because never

In which Gen learns she overuses the word “awesome.”

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Ready to kick some ass.
Ser Cullen and my headcanon facial scars. ;-)


Ready to kick some ass.

Ser Cullen and my headcanon facial scars. ;-)

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Oh right. New trailer out. (Already deleted the email.) Just as well it’s a library day and I don’t really have time to Tumblr… See you tomorrow!

tanukiham replied to your post “For those keeping score, I did do some writing. And a bunch of…”

Well, if it’s any consolation, I enjoy making myself miserable writing it, so, yeah :)

At least I’m in good company. :)



I’ve read my share of meta comparing Wynne and Anders, explaining why possession was benign for one and not for the other. And I have to wonder…

How do we know that Wynne didn’t also experience a radical personality shift when she merged with Faith? 

The Warden spent all of two seconds with non-abomination Wynne at Ostagar.  Not enough time to know what she was really like before she was possessed. 

Wynne describes herself as having been a harsh teacher, kind of a hardass, and she must have been a ruthless political animal to rise so far in the Circle.   She was also very protective of her students.  Contrast that with the supportive woman who is strangely invested in encouraging the Warden to be self-sacrificing, to believe strongly in her cause and become a model martyr.

Would Wynne have experienced the same downward spiral as Anders if her faith had turned out to be misplaced?  If the Warden had failed?

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I like the idea that spirit posession DID change Wynne, just in a different way. It’s true, we don’t really have a chance to see what she is like beforehand. 

However, I always thought a major difference between Anders and Wynne and their response to possession was that Anders was a Grey Warden, and therefore tainted. He says that Justice changed when they merged — he thinks it was his anger, but doesn’t it make more sense that it could be the darkspawn taint, at least in part?

(I know you could argue that people don’t turn evil when they become wardens, but people have bodies and the taint affects them physically. Spirits only have thought and emotion — who knows how they might be affected?)


Dragon Age I Promotional Art (2008) by Joy Ang

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if you’re having problems with savior blocking anything with the word “got”, try putting in #got instead? I think that way it will only block the tag

genginger this could help?

I’ll give it a shot… I had it this way originally but people were tagging things “got feels” and whatnot and so none of those things were getting caught… But now that the start of season flurry is over things may have calmed down a bit. (I’ve noticed fewer posts getting blocked, anyway.)

There is a reason that I regularly pare down my follows by whether they tag or not (and how, I guess). It isn’t that I don’t love the non-taggers, it’s just that I want to have control of my own dash, you know? 

(Not you, you are lovely about tagging. *smooch*)

For those keeping score, I did do some writing. And a bunch of editing. And caught up on The Light Shall Lead, so now I’m going to lie down and like, die or something. I don’t understand how Tanu makes me enjoy being miserable, but somehow she does. 

nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands

nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands

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i’ve stopped trash talking comic sans after learning the font is actually one of the only dyslexia-friendly fonts that come standard with most computers and i advocate for others doing the same

About dyslexia-friendly fonts:

  • Use a plain, evenly spaced sans serif font such as Arial and Comic Sans. Alternatives include Verdana, Tahoma, Century Gothic, Trebuchet.
  • Font size should be 12-14 point. Some dyslexic readers may request a larger font.
  • Use dark coloured text on a light (not white) background.
  • Avoid green and red/pink as these are difficult for colour-blind individuals.

You can find more info, here.

There are lots of easily accessible fonts that work just as well for dyslexic folks (as noted above) — check out Typefaces for Dyslexia for an explanation of what makes a good font for Dyslexic folks.

Don’t be a Comic Sans Criminal.

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